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Habitat Creation Warrnambool & Surrounds

Trees have value not just for us

What is habitat creation?

The What: In large trees (dead or alive) we are now able to create or hang pre-made hollows that can house our Australian native animals such as cockatoos, parrots, kookaburras, possums and any other animal that calls Warrnambool & surrounds home.

The When: If you have a large tree that needs removing we can often leave it standing as a 'stag', which means we heavily reduce all limbs and leave the main stem standing to carve a number of hollows into the stag where possible. This can also be done on live trees, depending on the dimensions of the hollow and tree, as the tree should be able to put on reactionary wood to account for the minor strength loss. 


The Why: A huge portion of Australia's native animals use hollows.

  • Approximately one third of terrestrial mammals.

  • Two thirds of the Micro-bat species.

  • 15% of Australia's birds (vs. 10% USA or 9% Southern Africa).

Unfortunately, naturally occurring hollows take 150-200 years to form and we simply don't have many trees this old left in the areas we inhabit. So we can speed up the process and provide a home to those that require them for day to day survival and breeding.


The How: We can do this in existing standing trees by grinding the heartwood of the tree out and leaving a hollow suitable for a target animal, or for animals and fungi to carry on excavating. If there are no suitable trees on your property we can potentially hang pre-made hollows in a large enough tree. 

Habitat creation warrnambool
Habitat creation port fairy
Habitat creation warrnambool
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