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Tree Removal Warrnambool & Surrounds

Ethical Tree Removal

What is ethical tree removal?

The When: Occasionally, a tree will present too great a risk or nuisance to people, buildings or the environment and has to be removed.


The Why: For us, tree removal is like amputating a leg, we will explore all other options first to ideally save the tree. We will even look at how we can modify or recycle it to create a home for our local fauna by installing habitat hollows. We also explore opportunities for up-cycling good quality timber where possible. 


The How: Rest assured, we are very tidy with a chainsaw and operate from rope and harness so can reach nearly every tree in confined spaces. 

The What: For every tree we remove we put at least two back into the ground. Existing clients and local community groups have received trees from us most recently, as we reforest our local environment.

What Next: Once your tree has been ethically removed, if there are any other tree services required, we will provide you with the expert knowledge and experience that you need. We offer tree pruning, consultations, tree reports and many other services.

Tree removal warrnambool
Tree removal warrnambool
Tree removal Port Fairy
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Warrnambool tree removal
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