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Tree Vigour & Soil Amendments
Warrnambool & Surrounds

Healthy Soils Means Healthy Garden

What are soil amendments?

The What: Soil amendments are anything you add to your soils to try and improve the physical, and in our case biological structures in the soil to improve plant health and vigour. Our current mixture is a water solution of honey, Seasol and Mycorrhizal fungi (Mycogold) that can be sprayed onto a specific area/tree. In the future we will be looking to incorporate biochar and a compost tea solution into the mixture. Mulch is also an incredible resource for your garden and trees, we can also inoculate mulch with edible wine cap fungi.

The When: If you have a newly established garden or have a valued tree in decline, these solutions can offer a chance of vastly improved health and vigour.

The Why: An ideal place for all of the plants in our garden is soil is able to be kept moist, has decaying organic matter, has increased fungi and microbe activity/connectivity and a boost of nutrients and sugars.


The How: Mulch can be tipped wherever we can get access with the vehicles. We can inoculate the mulched area with either edible wine cap mushrooms, which will break down the wood chip into beautiful organic matter rich soil. Or we can use the water based solution and let it get to work on the mulched (or un-mulched) area. 

Mulch Warrnambool
Mulch Port Fairy
Port Fairy Mulch
Soil amendment Port Fairy
Soil amendment Warrnambool
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