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Tree Planting and Growing Prep
Warrnambool & Surrounds

Early intervention is best 

Surely I can plant a tree?!

The Why: Yes, everyone can dig a hole and put a tree in the ground. Does that mean the tree will thrive going forward? Not necessarily. Like most things in life, starting from a good base leads to better growth and end results. How a tree is planted will affect how quickly and how successfully it establishes as well as how long it can live. 

The What: Trees require different things depending on the species and the individual tree. So knowing and selecting the best options of location, orientation, planting depth, soil amendments, eliminating structural defects, watering etc. will impact the success of a tree. 

The When: When you have trees that are key to a gardens design or hold sentimental value or you just want to give the trees you are planting the best chance.

Tree planting Warrnambool
Tree planting Koroit
Tree planting Port Fairy
Tree planting Por
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