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Tree Pruning Warrnambool & Surrounds

Quality Tree Pruning

Why Prune Trees?

The What and Why: Tree pruning can be done for a number of reasons including but not limited

to the below:

  • Decrease risks of failure 

  • Increase life span

  • Increase aesthetic value

  • Reduce/eliminate property damage issues

  • Improve light quality

  • Retain veteran trees

  • Produce habitat for wildlife

  • Encourage fruit and flower productions

  • Slow or speed up growth

  • Change/alter plant form

  • Prevent disease spread

The How: Our two main priorities when pruning are to achieve the desired outcome while maintaining or improving amenity value. Regular pruning produces smaller cuts which are more manageable for the tree to heal from. We use extremely sharp tools to leave the trees with a clean cut to assist with this.

The When: In general, Summer is a great time to prune. The weather is less conducive to diseases taking hold & the tree can callus over cut wood quicker, because its far more active and responsive that the other seasons. It is also a good time to prune if you want to keep plants (especially deciduous plants) smaller, as you are reducing the plants ability to produce sugars in the most advantageous season.

Winter is a good time to prune if plants are susceptible to sun scorch (cherries and prunus species often are). It can also be good to spur on growth for the next season. If you want to revitalise an old tree, prune hard in late winter as the root system will be ready to supply a much larger plant.

Some species of trees/shrubs are so vigorous and pest/disease resistant, that it doesn’t really matter what time you prune. If pruning cuts are small enough and performed correctly, most trees are tolerant of pruning all year round in Australia.

Tree Pruning Warrnambool
Tree pruning Warrnambool
Tree pruning Port Fairy
Tree pruning Koroit
Tree pruning Warrnambool
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