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Mulch delivery options

Warrnambool & surrounds

The What: Our mulch is generated from whatever trees/shrubs we are working on at the time. This is usually a mix of wood and leaf material. We will not distribute weed plant species if seeds are present at the time of chipping (unless you are happy to leave the pile sit for at least 3 months).


The When: This is a very sporadic event and cannot be planned or preselected for a specific date. The crew will look at our database of available sites when we have filled up our vehicle with mulch then select the closest site to our current work site. Paid sites will be prioritised but free mulch is available to sign up for. 


The Why: Mulch is a fantastic addition for your garden with a number of benefits. It's primary benefit is to keep moisture in the soil for much longer as it reduces evaporation. It also helps change the soil biology from bacterial dominant as in lawn areas to fungal dominant in forester areas, this change can help speed up tree growth and create resilience. Mulch is also a very slow breakdown of organic matter into the soil which again will increase the soils water holding capacity. 


The How: Hit the button below and follow the link to fill out the form and go straight into our system of potential drop locations. If you no longer want to be on the list please let us know. 

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